FAQ for Sphider Pro
How to integrate Sphider's search field into existing pages?
Sphider Pro has been designed to integrate with sites with the minimum of effort.

The PHP header file should be included before any page make up language.
The HTML search box should be placed on the page where the search field is required.
And finaly the PHP search functions file should be included where you wish the search results to be shown.

This is the basic integration of Sphider Pro. A more detailed integration procedure can be found in our support. But the above is enough to have Sphider Pro intergraded and running.
Error message: "Warning: set_time_limit() . . . "
Sphider Pro does not work if the server is in 'safe' mode. This server setting must be disabled in the PHP initialisation file (e.g.: .../apache/php/php.ini).

safe_mode = Off

Most server are set by default to have this turned of. In the event that it is not please ask your hosting company to help. This is only a 60 second job.
Fatal error: "Allowed memory size of xxx bytes exhausted (tried to allocate xxxx bytes) "
This is a limitation of your server that does not allow PHP to allocate enough memory. In order to prevent this error message, increase the memory size in the PHP initialisation file.

Recommended memory_limit = 128M - ( Shared hosting will allow this).

Indexing stopped after 40 links, but my site contains more than 400 pages.
Indexing with Sphider Pro should always be a smooth easy process. However sometimes indexing while on a shared server can cause this issue. We have partnered with a hosting company who have dedicated shared hosting packages specifically for Sphider Pro and have configured their servers for optimal performance.

If in the unliky event you do have this problem simply refresh the page and continue suspended indexing will resume.

If you are creating a very large indexing database we would recommend asking to configure a small VPS for you. They are providing very good VPS packages.